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Artifex Solutions, LLC is a precision manufacturer based in San Juan, PR, providing contract manufacturing services for medical device companies and other high precision industries. The company operates from a 6,000 sq ft. facility located near the Hato Rey business district in San Juan.

We work with our customer’s team to identify the most efficient strategy to turn their designs into a finished product, using our team’s experience, to deliver a high-quality precision device that exceeds their expectations.


At Artifex Solutions we are constantly striving to improve the processes used in the devices we manufacture.  Our production staff is highly skilled using innovative machining techniques such as gun drilling, thread whirling, etc. to maximize efficiency when manufacturing the most complex devices.

We are a growing business and year after year we continue to expand and implement new technologies to keep Artifex at the forefront of the industry.


Company Background

Artifex Solutions was founded in December 2012 to provide precision machining services to the medical, aerospace and other industries. Business ownership is divided among five partners located in Puerto Rico and the US mainland, several of which have extensive backgrounds of the medical device industry.


Our shop team leaders are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the medical device industry. Our initial product line consisted of Titanium bone screws. By fully utilizing our resources we have expanded our product line to include bone plates, single and multiuse tools for the OR and other devices for the medical industry.


To become an integral part of our customers’ production force.


To provide our customers with products of uncompromising quality and in this way give a helping hand to the patients that use them.

Core Values and Corporate Culture:

Inclusivity – We are strongly committed to creating a workplace that promotes inclusion, fairness and opportunity. Every employee is part of the team; their ideas and support are essential for our success.

Quality – Quality is not only a catchphrase. It is at the foundation of every business decision we make. Everyone at Artifex Solutions is part of our quality team.

Customer Service – Our customers are truly the reason we are in business. Without their support and trust we may as well go home.

Technology Driven – Artifex Solutions is driven to leverage the latest advances in technology  to deliver the best product.



Quality Management System

Delivering uncompromising quality is at the foundation of our business philosophy. Our quality management system is certified to ISO 13485:2016. We are FDA registered and comply with 21 CFR Part 820 Subparts A-O.

Every step of our manufacturing process is strictly controlled to ensure the products delivered to our customers will meet or exceed their requirements.

Our QA department is constantly exploring ways to improve the quality systems that drive all our business activities with particular attention to the services we provide to our customers.

Quality Policy

Artifex Solutions, LLC is committed to manufacturing high quality products that exceed the expectations of our customers while maintaining an effective quality management system and complying with regulatory requirements.


FDA registration number:



ISO Certified

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